European and Ukrainian cuisine, 3 dining halls, outside deck,
playground for children, live music, parking.
Lanzheron Beach, Shevchenko park, Odessa,
Phone: (048) 735-38-73, 735-43-28

Designed like a seaside village back in the late 19th century, with kitchen gardens, playground and several lavishly decorated halls, Khutorok is a traditional style eatery, serving local cuisine and reviving history for Ukrainians and expats alike.

Its main dining room has a large bar, grill and apparently the largest number of bearskins in town. Other themed rooms include hunting, peasant and blacksmith's halls, each with a slightly different atmosphere. Ukrainian cuisine here focuses on big portions, tasty dishes and true hospitality. Fish is big on the menu, with sturgeon and catfish, or special dishes like the Khutorok salad, and veal with horseradish.

All visitors to Odessa should enjoy at least one dining experience at the fabulous Khutorok Restaurant complex built in a log cabin style on the foundations of a former fortress just above Lanzheron Beach. Whether you have an intimate dinner for two on the outdoor deck with great view over the sea or by the cozy fireplace in the main dining room with it's authentic Ukrainian decor, the food and service will be memorable. Seating is also offered in the outside courtyard with a variety of live music nightly featuring professional jazz, folk & pop artists.

There are no people more perfect, than those have grown at the sea. Carefree as children, with sea salt absorbing skills to be pleased with live. Unpredictable as the wind, bringing aromas of far countries. Free as the sea, lazily stretched in boundless borders of the coast.

For them, carefree, unpredictable and free, the restaurant "Khutorok" has grown on a sea coast, where time is passing by not minute after a minute, but wave behind a wave. The restaurant in which all dishes are prepared on 'babushka's' recipes, and gorilka does not burn a throat but only kindles one's appetite.

The restaurant in which while choosing between one dish and another, you order both, and then you ask to bring more and again. Because it is possible to resist any temptation but tasty meal.

The sea waltzes nearby, meat cooked on a grill smells delicious, and whether music, or cry of seagulls, or laugh of women roll like waves, creating unforgettable atmosphere.

Where is it all possible? Only in the restaurant "Khutorok".

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